Workplace Initiatives

An initiative of the Canada - Nova Scotia Job Fund (News release)

The Workplace Initiatives Division is dedicated to building a vibrant and adaptable workforce by partnering with employers and industry to ensure Nova Scotia has the skills we need to succeed in the workplace.

We have created a suite of HR Solutions programs to make sure you are prepared for the challenges of human resources management including how to find, manage and retain the right employees. The HR Solutions featured on this site have been developed to support businesses such as yours to compete more effectively in today’s economy.

Some of the programs listed below are initiatives of the Canada Nova Scotia Job Fund including the Workplace Education Initiative, One Journey Work and Learn and the Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive. See link for more information.

Workplace Education (An initiative of the Canada - Nova Scotia Job Fund): Funding and supports are available to help you develop and implement training programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of your organization and your employees.

HR Toolkit: Free and easy to access information, downloadable templates, practical guides, links to relevant resources and more to help you find, keep and develop your valued employees.

START: Financial incentives are available to encourage employers to hire Nova Scotians requiring work experience and to register and employ apprentices.

SkillsonlineNS: Access, at NO COST, to hundreds of online courses ranging from software applications to customer service to HR fundamentals to accounting essentials. Private learning plans can be set up and courses assigned.

Welcoming Workplaces: Information, tools and resources to support employers as they tap into the unique and beneficial blend of skills, abilities, and perspectives that diverse employees bring to the workplace.

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI) (An initiative of the Canada - Nova Scotia Job Fund): Funding is available to support companies to invest in developing the knowledge and skills of their workforce.

Sector Council Program: Nova Scotia's industry-led approach to attracting, developing and retaining skilled and productive workers.

The Job Bank: Canada's one-stop online jobsite where employers can post job openings and connect with job seekers free of any service charges.

One Journey Work and Learn (An initiative of the Canada - Nova Scotia Job Fund): A partnership between government, industry and community that supports skill development and employment opportunities for unemployed or underemployed Nova Scotians in industries where a shortage of labour has been identified.